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People often seek help when things begin to feel like too much. Perhaps ways in which we have learned to cope stop working, or maybe recent life circumstances have just begun to feel overwhelming and we don’t know where else to turn. Anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, addiction, relational conflict and lack of motivation are often target issues people present with in therapy. Although these are common problems that many of us will confront at some point in our lives, the way in which they manifest in our individual lives is unique and singular; what worked for someone else, may not work for us. Our work will provide a non-judgmental, accepting and affirming space for you to safely explore your thoughts and feelings, to learn more effective ways to cope and to step more firmly into your life.  Through our unique therapeutic alliance, we will develop strategies based on various modalities, including Mindfulness Practices and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which have proven to be successful in bringing positive change.  Together we will create a picture of what a meaningful life looks like for you and we will work together to manifest it into reality.

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